Counselling provides a safe way of exploring what is going on for you in your life and helping you to find a more positive way forward.

Every counsellor will work in a slightly different way, I am fundamentally a person centred counsellor who believes in the potential of each and every individual. We will work together in a safe and trusting way to explore the issues and challenges that you are currently facing. I will also use techniques from other counselling modalities where these are appropriate.

You will usually have a number of planned, regular sessions lasting for around 50 minutes. How often we meet, and how many sessions you have, will depend on your individual circumstances.

What we talk about will vary depending on the problem you want help with. It could include:

  • your relationships, family, friends, partners, school and or work for example
  • your childhood, events, memories, early experiences
  • your emotions, handling stress, sleep and regulating feelings
  • your thoughts
  • your behaviours
  • situations or events you find difficult

Counselling is individual and I offer a reduced rate for our first session to ensure you are comfortable with how we will work together.

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